Be an Entrepreneur

Unparalleled apparel. Invaluable connections. Thriving careers. It all comes together at ETCETERA with a group of exceptional Stylists who have joined a unique business opportunity: one that is flexible and one that determines their own successes. We strive to empower every woman by letting her be the CEO of her own business.

As a trained etcetera Stylist, you’re at the center of an elite shopping experience -- curating, inspiring and shaping the wardrobes of other ambitious women who like to look fabulous every day. It is an experience that expands your creativity, challenges your strategies and amplifies your network in fashion -- an experience that you do not want to miss.




Our Stylists all across America are creative, ambitious and intelligent women who are confident in style and in their community.

“I was inspired to become a stylist with etcetera because of my love for the clothes and the flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom for my young children while owning my own business. My favorite thing about being part of the etcetera community is the support from women all over the country. It is amazing the lifelong friendships I have created with people all over different states. These women become a part of your family and the relationships that I have made will last a lifetime. This can be such a rewarding career if you give it all you have.”


“etcetera designs every piece from conception to color in a way that rivals and often surpasses high end clothing brands. etcetera prioritizes versatility, ensuring that the same top or dress that a woman wears to work can be easily woven into a dressed up affair scheduled later in that evening. etcetera integrates the same color palette seamlessly matching them with previous or future seasons; this allows our clients the ability to build an exceptional wardrobe over time. We offer solutions for women that travel.”


“Flexibility is very important to me. I have two very busy young sons, so it was absolutely essential that I find an Opportunity which took my crazy life into account. With etcetera, I am able to adjust my work schedule in most situations to suit our family life and its demands.  As an Area Development Manager, I value and seek vitality, family and community involvement in our Stylists. Our Stylists bring their own individual experiences, creativity, depth and talent when they work with etcetera. I am proud to be able to bring the etcetera Opportunity to interesting, engaging people to help realize their goals. Helping grow this brand and its mission is a true joy for me.”


“Empowering the women who are Stylists and encouraging them in their success allows them to transfer that power to their customers – it truly is a domino effect!  The management team does an excellent job in sales training, displaying and designing the collections; as Stylists we have the responsibility of getting customers in the door and the clothes typically sell themselves!  If your customer leaves the show excited about the pieces she has purchased, it ensures a confidence in her and hopefully a trust in you as an Advisor!”


“I am able to run a business mostly on my own terms and earn enough money to make some independent financial decisions.  As a full time wife and mother, it feels great to be able to contribute to my family financially too. Designing clothes for women that makes them feel unique, stylish, competent and confident is quite a feat, and I appreciate Etcetera's commitment to that ideal in their design philosophy.”



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