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E3 by etcetera takes you from Dusk to Dawn this Fall. 

Inspired by New York’s status as the place where the sun rises and sets on great fashion, we devised two groups based on dawn and dusk. E3's fall 2019 collection plays with the subtle distinctions between the two times of day, with overtones of beginning and ending, (arrival and departure) and the wardrobe renewal that both invite. Day to night, workdays to weekend, the arc of our lives is redefined from dawn to dusk with superb style.

Our “dawn” collection is based on a transitional neutral palette of natural stone and mink, in keeping with the brand DNA, and also features the lightness and depths of new pink shades: “blushing” and “rosewood.” In addition to these colors, the fabrics are also light, just enough for early fall mornings, although the pieces are viable options all year. Hammered satin and printed viscose tops mix with fall imperatives of suede, corduroy, plaid and velveteen. This group specifically targets luxe-lifestyle daytime wear, elevating casual pieces with rich fabrics and exclusive, sophisticated colors.

Our "dusk' assortment is inspired by the purples of the fall sky at sunset — stunning shades of cyclamen and amethyst that play off darker hues of deep plum and charcoal grey. Cozy double knit contrasts with glamorous dévoré satin and glazed leather that mixes with teddy bear fur jackets and denims with precious foil finishes. Although appropriate for day, this group also embraces edgy urbanista items that transition effortlessly into cocktail hour.


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