5 Ways To Mix Up That Power Suit

Author: Lisa RosenPersonal Wardrobe Stylist with Etcetera

Wearing a suit garners the attention of everyone. It screams authority. Just reflect back to the days of Melanie Griffith in Working Girl and you know how powerful it can be. But admit it, that 'Power Suit' can be, well, unexciting. Here are a five easy ways to keep the boardroom from being bored when you walk through the door.

Wear A Fun Printed Shirt or Scarf Underneath.

The idea of layering a blazer over a printed blouse, or pairing it with a patterned scarf makes a taupe suit infinitely more noticeable —and modern. And it doesn't hurt when that suit has fabulous details and a textural fabric.

The Look: Caracas Jacket and Pants Shown with the Citybloom Scarf. (Etcetera Spring '17)

Top the Suit with a Jacket.

Sometimes wearing a monochromatic ensemble topped with a garanimal-esque jacket is just what you need. You look completely pulled together with very little effort. It's the perfect 9-5; 5-9 outfit.

The Look: Clearwater Blouse and Pants with the Suave Jacket. (Etcetera Summer '17)

Create a Suit with Separates.

Keep the color in the same family and a suit is magically created out of two or three fabulous pieces. Mix it up with textures and different fabrics to keep it on-trend without being too dizzying.

The Look: The Entrenched Jacket, Primrose Blouse and Agate Skirt. (Etcetera Spring '17)

Show off Your Ankles.

And your amazing sandals. And that fabulous pedi. Suiting doesn't have to conform to the rules of yesteryear. This suit shows that you can keep the colors conservative while nodding to the world of high fashion and being totally on-trend.

The Look: The Mesh Jacket, Feline Blouse, Amigo Cropped Pant and the Shopper Tote. (Etcetera Summer '17)

Consider the Dress-Jacket Combination.

This fabulous duo eliminates the worry of what blouse to wear. It keeps the lines clean and effortless and gets you out the door in time to stop for that vanilla latte you deserve.

The Look: The Immaculate Knit Dress and Jacket. (Etcetera Summer '17)